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We started our judo class at Exeter Martial Arts at the end of 2013 because we wanted to share our love for this fast-paced, technical competition sport. We now have a small but growing group of regular judo players on the mat and really enjoy to see their progress.


Our sessions typically start with a short general warm-up, followed by a judo-specific warm-up element, ranging from small combat games to agility exercises and breakfalls to uchi komi sets. The central part of every session is the technical progress of our judoka, either syllabus-based in preparation for gradings or competition-based to develop a wider technical complex. We always finish with several rounds of randori to give everyone the opportunity to test their judo in this form of sparring.


The judo class is open to all grades and abilities and we do our best to incorporate all different levels. We welcome new people to our group and are always happy to see new faces on the mat. If you would like to try for yourself, please contact to arrange a free taster session.






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