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Gradings are an important part of a person's judo journey. They are the milestones of technical ability a judoka achieves and a successful grading is visibly marked by an ever darker belt. Every novice starts with a white belt, for which there is no grading, and then progresses through six Kyu grades*:


         6th Kyu   -   red belt

         5th Kyu   -   yellow belt

         4th Kyu   -   orange belt

         3rd Kyu   -   green belt

         2nd Kyu  -   blue belt

         1st Kyu   -   brown belt


The technical and theoretical knowledge a judoka is expected to have for each grade is outlined in the BJA Kyu Grade Promotion Syllabus. As a general rule both the amount and complexity of techniques increases with every step; higher Kyu grades are also expected to understand the principles behind a technique and to apply their knowledge in a competition context. It typically takes between three and five years to complete the Kyu grade syllabus from white to brown belt, depending on the time and effort invested in training.



Judo Gradings

* The information given above refers to the BJA senior syllabus, the grading system and syllabus for juniors is different. For details see the BJA Mon Grade Syllabus.